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Certified Peer Recovery Specialists

Our team of Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) is working to help you and your family initiate and sustain long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug use disorders.

We are all individuals in personal and/or family recovery who help our peers find a pathway to recovery that works for them. Peer coaches are mentors and personal guides. We may help someone find and stick with a treatment program. We may provide support instead of traditional treatment for people who cannot or choose not to enter the treatment system. We teach skills for recovery and share what’s worked for us. We are not counselors and we are not sponsors.

Our Certified Peer Recovery Specialists focus on the non-clinical aspects of recovery like safe, recovery-supportive housing and getting a job, and navigating justice system issues. We are similar in many ways to community health workers, helping people navigate the health care system.

In short, recovery coaches help with anything that may be a barrier to recovery.

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