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We offer a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year as an additional way to promote wellness, build
community amongst our peers, and improve quality of life. The activities also allow peers to redefine "fun" in a supportive recovery environment through fostering new friendships, learning new skills, improving energy levels, and better managing stress.


Our peers often have lived dramatic and addictive lives. They have often abandoned healthy activities which they once enjoyed like sports, outdoors, relationships, and hobbies. The word “fun” is synonymous with using drugs and alcohol, as they have attended to little else for some time. Here at Roads to Recovery, we have learned that including our Outdoor Adventures into our whole-person approach assists peers with overall recovery.

In early recovery, life seems lackluster and the thought
of being alcohol- and drug-free forever seems boring, daunting and maybe impossible. In addition to letting go of the need for chemicals we are also asking our participants to let go of dramatic living, compulsive behaviors, codependent relationships (which often feel exhilarating), and many other maladaptive ways of living.

The mission of Roads to Recovery Outdoors, is to “recover” that which was lost in active addiction.

For any questions regarding our Outdoor Adventure
contact David Lewis at (434) 455-0053 x101 or

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