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Board Members:

Jason Todd Jr., Esq., President and Registered Agent of the Corp.

Muriel Mickles, Ed.D., Vice President

Sandy Kanehl, M.Ed., CSAC, CPRS, CEO, Secretary

Christina Delzingaro, M.B.A., Treasurer

Luke J. Malloy, III, Esq.

Tamara Lemon, LPC 

Linda Edwards, LCSW, LSATP

Pamela Minkler, M.D.

Nat Marshall, B.A.

Donise Farmer,  M.B.A.

Staff Members:

Mark Bogia, B.S., CPRS, CAO

Bryon Meade, CPRS, i-FPRS, COO

Kathleen Lifsey, Executive Assistant

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