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News & Updates!

Future Home of Roads to Recovery:

Coming to you in May 2020


We are so grateful for the ways you have supported Roads to Recovery this year. You have made it possible for us to help over 100 people to achieve and sustain recovery from addictions, get jobs, rebuild family relationships, and give back through service to our community.

Recovery Center Updates:

March 2020:

Making progress with the electricity and ceiling fixtures!

February 2020:

Lots of work going on everyday at the new Recovery Center!

December 2019:

Offices, hallway, group room framed in!


November 2019:

Renovations Begin!

October 2019:

First meeting with all the subs!

August 2019:

Contract Signed by LG Flint!


April 2019:

Liberty University ROTC were our LU serve team! They did an enormous amount of heavy lifting with smiles on their faces, to clear tons of furniture, equipment and debris from our new 6,000 square foot building.

February 2019:

Roads to Recovery purchased 3000 Langhorne Road thanks to our generous donor!

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LU-serve-2 April 1.jpg
LU-serve-1 April 2.jpg
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